What is MagicGen and what does it do?

MagicGen is a boilerplate code generator, allowing you to create websites, modules or plugins in WordPress or Drupal. Yes, both! No other tools have this capability.

Which platforms does MagicGen support?

MagicGen can help you generate code just as easily for both Drupal and Wordpress. We will be adding more platforms in the upcoming months.

What is boilerplate code?

This term is commonly used in computer programming to refer to code included in many places, usually with no or little alterations. Basically recycled code that is used commonly.

Is this friendly to non-technical people?

Yes, it has a Graphical user interface, just need to use your mouse, click on the item you want and continue building this way.

Do I need coding experience to use MagicGen?

Little knowledge is required although, MagicGen is pretty easy to use.

Is there a user manual or documentation?

Please refer to the generator documentation at Drupal Console.

How do I install MagicGen?

There's no need to install anything since MagicGen runs in the cloud. Simply:
1. Sign in with your e-mail, Facebook or Twitter account.
2. Check your inbox, look for the confirmation email and click on it.
3. Login and start using MagicGen right away.

Can I upload my files to Github?

We are aiming to have this feature ready in near future.

What will you do with my personal information?

All your personal information will be stored and will not be shared with third parties.

MagicGen follows standard industry practices to protect our users’ information via SSL encryption.

For more please check our Privacy statement here

Can I share my account?

While you can share your login with other people, memberships are meant to be used for a single person, therefore, we encourage you to have them create a separate account.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account any time by going to Manage Account > Delete account. Note that by doing this, all your account details and content will be deleted.

Can I include features created in MagicGen to an already existing website or plugin?

Yes, you can take any code generated through MG and use towards your own projects.

Does MagicGen has Support or online community?

Yes, please fill our Contact Form or use our Slack Channel. We will gladly assist you with General inquiries, Technical and Billing requests.

Found a bug! How do I report it?

If you find a technical bug, please fill our Contact Form or use our Slack Channel

Who created MagicGen and why?

weKnow products team created it. Same people who created Drupal Console which has been downloaded by more than 2 million users.

Does MagicGen uses code standards to generate code?

Yes, it uses up to date Drupal and Wordpress code standards.

Is MagicGen open source software? Where can I contribute?

Sure thing, we welcome any contributions as well as feature requests. Please drop us a line through the Contact Form and we will get back to you.

What is your privacy policy?

Please check our Privacy Statement here.

Do you share my code with third parties?

No, users of MagicGen will use its services to generate and store code. This code may be viewed or accessed by MagicGen only for supporting and resolving technical issues, and will not be shared with any other parties.

Where do I submit any other comment or question?

Yes, please fill our Contact Form or use our Slack Channel.
We will gladly assist you with General inquiries, Technical and Billing requests

Can I insert 3rd party short-codes into MagicGen?

Not the moment, we will let you know through our newsletter when this is possible.

Can I download and recycle my own files to use on different projects?

Yes! You are just two steps away to do it.
Click “Browse project files” on your left menu
Click “Download files” red button on the upper right side of the screen.

I need my site to comply with accessibility standards, how can I achieve this?

While MagicGen complies with coding standards, the system doesn’t deal with accessibility, therefore, we encourage you to check online documentation to have your website WCAG ready.

What is the Drupal Console, why is it related to MagicGen?

Because MagicGen uses the Drupal Console engine to generate boilerplate code.

Drupal Console is a Command Line Interface specifically for Drupal 8 and based on the Symfony Console component. You can use it to rebuild caches, connect to databases and install boilerplate code, among other features.

Can I edit the preset generators or commands?

Once you download the generated code, you can edit any folder or file created by MagicGen.

What Wordpress versions are supported?

WordPress 5.x

Will it be compatible with any WordPress theme?

Yes, all of the generated code is compatible with any WordPress theme.

Will it work on WordPress.com?

Yes, you can download your generated code and upload the files to any hosting provider.

What is the difference between a Free and a Membership version?

There’s a single membership model which is FREE and includes unrestricted access to all CMS types, Drupal Console Generators as well as allowing you to create unlimited projects.

What happens to my projects if I cancel it?

If you cancel your membership, the system will remove all your personal data and generated code.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, on your left menu click on “Manage account” then scroll down, click on the red link that says “Click here to cancel your subscription.”
Beware that this action will remove all your data.

Do I pay for MagicGen?

MagicGen is free while in Beta. You won’t be paying for the service or having to enter a Credit/Debit card while in beta.

What payment method do you accept?

For now there’s no need to worry about this, however, once the platform becomes a subscription-based service, we are planning on accepting Credit or Debit cards.